Welcome to the webpage of the Social Breeze program!

Like a light breeze that changes direction twice a day (from sea to shore during the day and from shore to sea at night), volunteering is not just a one-way street. By dedicating time and paying attention to others, positive energy returns to us in various forms: kind words, smiles, gratitude, lessons learned.

We offer you a unique opportunity to join the volunteer movement!


Volunteering is a movement which changes society. Every year the number of people who in good faith do useful gratis work for others from time to time is growing rapidly. After all, volunteering benefits not only our community, but also ourselves: we can acquire new skills, hang out with like-minded people and have fun.

The Social Breeze program will help you to start volunteering and try what you have always dreamed of! Participants who successfully complete the volunteer task will get nice presents from us.


To participate in the program, simply fill out the registration form and wait for one of the program coordinators to contact you. The coordinator will confirm the completion of your proposed volunteer task and provide all the detailed information about program participation.

Also, the coordinator may suggest to you some ideas about what you could do and you will jointly develop the next steps (where and how to volunteer). Then all you have to do is contact the chosen organization and carry out the planned activity. Volunteer action can be performed without a coordinating organization.


Based on the results of the task, you should upload a photo and describe your experience on your own pages in social networks (Facebook or Instagram), tagging the pages of Ukrainian and Lithuanian project organizers in your post. After that, get a well-deserved reward – we will definitely make you happy with useful presents, because YOU COMPLETED THE CHALLENGE!

If you have any difficulties, the coordinator will be in touch with you and always ready to help!

You can also watch the video about participation in the program.


The challenge is open to young Ukrainians aged 14-29 (parental consent is required for minors) who can volunteer for organizations and institutions officially registered in Ukraine.

Complex volunteer tasks can be performed in groups of up to four people, then each volunteer gets a present.

What if there is no organization in your town that can coordinate the volunteer task? Then you can do a useful activity for the community by yourself! Please indicate this in the registration form and await confirmation from the coordinator.


You choose the volunteer activity that you would like to implement within the program. Your activity can last from one to several hours and must be accomplished by December 31, 2020.

The most important principle of volunteering is to help others, so the challenge is to perform a social action that will be useful to your team.

Haven’t come up with an initiative yet? Indicate this in the registration form, and our coordinators will help you to choose the task according to your interests and talents. Here are just a few examples of volunteer tasks:

  • to buy goods for elderly neighbors who cannot do so themselves due to quarantine;
  • to take care of animals in a shelter;
  • to help cook meals for the needy;
  • to prepare gifts on St. Nicholas Day for children in orphanages;
  • to carry out educational activities for different age groups online;
  • to do an ecological flashmob in social networks;
  • to give master classes or an English lesson in Zoom;
  • to help a teacher get hold of modern digital tools for distance learning.


Volunteer actions are carried out on one’s own free will, gratis and in good faith. But to make this experience memorable and inspire you to further volunteer endeavors, we will send a gift box to all program participants who have successfully completed their challenge and shared about it on social networks.

Gifts will be given to you by the coordinators in person or delivered by mail right after the volunteer task is completed.

Should you have any question, please email us at SocialBreezeUA@gmail.com

Attention! The challenge must be completed in compliance with all quarantine restrictions in force. If possible, you may accomplish your volunteer task remotely.

The Social Breeze program is implemented by the NGO “Young Agents of Change” together with the Lithuanian Center for Personal Development of Youth and with the support of the Council for the Exchanges of Youth of Lithuania and Ukraine.