The idea to establish an organization in Ukraine that would unite young people of different ages and create opportunities for them to develop, meet and travel arose in the minds of our founders and members not spontaneously. By participating in international projects and exploring the experience of other countries, they were inspired to make more efforts for positive change in Ukraine to make it economically, politically and socially capable.

But it would be very difficult for them to implement such an idea on their own. So the next step was to find a team of active people united by a common goal. Since its founding in 2017, our organization has been driven forward by our mission, vision and values, which we try to transmit to Ukrainian society through our daily work.


The mission is to shape an active and responsible community of young people for their personal fulfillment, networking and promotion of civil society.

The vision is progressive and responsible youth that takes active part in the social and political life of Ukraine and Europe.

The values of the organization:

  • Equality and inclusiveness we work to promote active citizenship among all, without distinction of any kind, such as age, gender, religion, nationality or other protected characteristics.
  • Democracy we believe that the direct participation of young people in decision-making processes at all levels will result in stronger and empowered civil society and foster the development of Ukraine.
  • Openness we are eager to cooperate with other organizations and institutions that share our ideas and values, for only together may sustainable changes be achieved.
  • Accountability we strive for integrity and transparency in all our endeavors, trying to use the available resources as effectively and efficiently as possible to achieve our goals.
  • Professionalism and teamwork while striving to achieve the highest standards in everything we do, we rely on effective teamwork, exchange of experience and joint decision-making.


  • Training, expert, resource support of youth projects and initiatives.
  • Engagement of young people in decision-making processes and promotion of local democracy.
  • Organization and conduct of international and national exchanges, seminars, forums.
  • Networking, cooperation, partnership with other civil society organizations, government agencies, businesses.
  • Promotion of active citizenship as a trend in a modern democratic society.