We are constantly striving for self-development and improvement in order to be institutionally capable, create a lot more opportunities for young people and be more actively involved in the establishment of civil society in Ukraine.

In order to set changes in motion, you should to be honest with yourself, admit your weaknesses and defeats, know your strengths and weaknesses, give a chance to your ideas, aspirations and dreams, believe in yourself and your team, learn to rejoice in victories, be open to new things, take responsibility and sincerely believe in what you do.

That is why the team of the NGO “Young Agents of Change” met to hold a strategic session at the end of September 2020. The planning process included collective analytical work to analyze the current reality, develop a strategy and determine the organization’s priorities for the coming years, operational management and action plan for 2020-2021, in particular, according to the SCRUM project system. The meeting was attended offline and online by 13 most active members of the organization.

Based on the results of strategizing, as well as further refinement, a strategic plan for the development of the organization for 2021-2023, along with an operational plan for 2021-2022 will be developed. The approved strategic plan will be published on our website later.

The strategic session was conducted by business coach Natalia Muzyka with the support of ISAR “Ednannia” within the program “CSO Organizational Development Grants” (2019-2024, USAID Civil Society Sectoral Support Initiative Project).

Join our team and become an agent of change! Remember that you need to act today to make tomorrow bright!