Attention! All or some project events are postponed to 2021 due to quarantine regulations.


The project is implemented with financial support of the Press, Education and Culture Section of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

The aim of the project is to create a platform for solutions for establishing lasting peace in Ukraine and around the world by initiating intercultural dialogue and networking of Ukrainian young leaders and their peers around the world.

Target audience: young Ukrainians aged 17-35, among which students and researchers, youth activists and politicians, community leaders, entrepreneurs, businessmen and young professionals from various sectors, including graduates of US Government exchange programs.

Partners: International Youth to Youth Initiative


  • The Sixth International Youth to Youth Summit as the main event of the project will bring together 150 young leaders from around the world to find solutions for building sustainable peace, share knowledge, best practices and unique experiences and create an atlas of opportunities and actions, which will promote change and help to move forward to peacebuilding. The speakers of the summit and facilitators of the workshops will be experts, professionals and leaders of non-governmental organizations from around the world. The summit will be held in Kyiv in May 2021 (dates depend on quarantine restrictions);
  • In the follow-up of the summit, three American speakers will hold one-day workshops in Kharkiv, Odesa and Lviv to spread ideas of peace;
  • Eight best initiatives of Ukrainian participants aimed at consolidating and activating peacekeeping efforts in their communities will be granted financial support.

The admission of project participants will be announced additionally, so please follow the updates on our social networks pages.


  • By finding solution to key issues, sharing knowledge, best practices and unique experiences, bringing together 150 active young people with professionals and experts at the summit, we can move forward together to build peace;
  • By providing participants with a unique set of skills to apply in their organizations, communities and projects during planned seminars and workshops of the summit we will create a pool of activists with great potential to promote change and innovation, strengthen civil society’s voice in decision-making and build inclusive society;
  • The summit will give rise to new partnerships and ideas for innovative projects. These projects presented during the event will have a chance to receive annual support from online mentoring at the Y2Y Action Hub and an offline school for social entrepreneurs in Minsk;
  • About 100 active residents of Odessa, Lviv and Kharkiv will meet world-renowned experts in the field of peace and democracy building to discuss current issues.